The Saga of House Dresden

Paige's Journal, Entry 3

This wound is starting to take a toll on me. I sometimes find myself fading into dark places during the ride, thinking about my family and my father. I have also been having vivid dreams I cannot make sense of. I am not a warrior but yet I keep being put into situations where I need to fight…this is not my calling but I care a lot about my companions and am willing to risk my life for them. At the same time my heart wears on me daily in worry for Boone. I often get feelings of ache and pain when thinking about him. I am worried something has gone terribly wrong back at the castle. I have thought about trying to send a raven to try to contact him but something tells me that isn’t wise.

Finally we reached the castle and all I wanted to do was rest but I was asked to sit in a room while the men talked war strategy…AGAIN. I have nothing to contribute to these type of conversations because they don’t listen to me and even if they did I would much rather be socializing in the local tavern or wondering the woods. I finally find a great time to sneak out of the room and can have some time to myself. After my night I woke up to the men already wanting to leave the castle…we have only just arrived! I told them that my wound was still bothering me, even after the miser tried healing it and insisted that we and rest for a couple more days. They didn’t care…so I told them to leave without me. An ambush is no place for a hunter anyway.



Travelling with a wound, even properly bound, is not easy. I can sympathize. However, an opportunity presented itself with a very thin window of time. Ultimately, Lord Harry chose to seize upon it and we now have two of yours safely in our custody… along with hostages that will give valuable information on Hammond movements within Castle Dresden.

Our rescue party was poorer without your skills as a hunter and scout. You and your falcon could have given us enemy numbers and descriptions that were far more detailed than Lord Easley’s master of the hunt was able to provide. Men’s lives could have been saved. While you may not swing a sword as well as some, you have other talents equally valuable. A host without reconnaissance is as useful as a blind man with a lance. As you put on years, you will come to understand.

While some will question your value in matters of war, take heart. The Dornish people elevate their women to high station, and your House Mormont is ruled by a martially trained lady and her daughters if I have heard correctly. A wise sword respects all opponents and a wise leader hears all good counsel. Those foolish enough to dismiss an armed woman may one day find themselves a head shorter.

I have years as a travelling sword. The road you’ve chosen to travel is a hard one. You will be scarred both outside and in. If you choose to dismiss everything else that I have said, please hear this: You live and die by the actions of the men next to you. Choose those men wisely.


Paige's Journal, Entry 3

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