The Saga of House Dresden

Chapter 1

House Dresden is in peril. It’s castles are burned, with only one remaining, surrounded by a small number of holdfasts. The house itself has never recovered from the Greyjoy rebellion, in which House Dresden lost half of its heirs in the seige of Pyke. As Festivus, and Dresden holiday celebrating thanks and honoring the dead, approaches, Lord Dresden calls what remains of his family home. “Boone” Snow, (Travis) bastard son of Lord Dresden, returns from King’s Landing after two years of walking Westeros as a freesword. With him, he brings Maester Malcolm, (Paul) a young advisor appointed to House Dresden from the academy. House Dresden has been without a Maester since the wildling exodus 9 years prior. As Boone and Maester Malcolm share the road into Dresden lands, they run into Ser Harry Dresden, (Jack) nephew of Lord Dresden, and cousin to Boone. Ser Harry is hunting with the enigmatic Namor (Chief), and his daughter Paige, (Becky), who have been indentured to Ser Harry after being caught poaching on his land. Boone and Ser Harry share a warm reunion. Ser Harry tells Boone that his father has been grave in spirit as of late, and suspects Lord Dresden wishes to make an announcement this festivus. As they converse, the hunt continues. It does not take long for Namor to find a Boar trail. As he and Paige track the beast, they stumble on two sets of man tracks. Namor is troubled by the tracks, in that they are off the road, and walk without rythm. Namor suspects the two are wildling scouts, possibly from the abandoned castle nearby. As Namor continues to track the men, Paige runs back to warn the others, still waiting by the road. As soon as Paige makes her way back, a boar the size of a great dane has followed her. The beast charges her from behind. Ser Harry pushes her aside and blocks the beast’s charge with his shield. Boone, recognizing that his warhammers are fit for fighting men in armor, but not wild boar, grabs a large branch nearby, and rushes to Paige’s aid. As Paige gets to her feet, Boone drops his stick and starts clanging his hammers to attract the beast. With all 5 horses panicking, it is all Maester Malcolm can do to control the 5 mounts by the reins. As the boar closes on Boone, Namor emerges from the brush and kills the beast with a single arrow to the neck. Namor heads back to the trail, but is unable to find the human tracks again. He advises Ser Harry that the two sets of tracks belong to hunters or rangers of great skill. Much to everyone’s surprise, Maester Malcolm, being of a somewhat quiet demeanor, slaughters the boar with a skilled knife. As the meat is loaded, he and Paige head back to Ser Harry’s holdfast, affectionately named “the Den.” Maester Malcolm is greeted by a raven from Castle Dresden. Lord Leland Dreseden, the first of his name, has requested that Ser Harry make haste to Castle Dresden as soon as the Maester arrives. He also advises that his daughter in law, Jayna Dresden, Lord Regeant of Nera’s Hope, a small fort on the Dresden frontier, will not be able to travel for Festivus. Lord Dresden requests that Ser Harry go to her and urge her to reconsider. Since it is late, and the night is too perilous for travel, Maester Malcolm scribes a raven to Lord Dresden, advising him that they will do as he wishes, and a raven to Nera’s holdfast, advising Lady Jayna to expect them. The house servants bring Maester Malcolm roasted goat and wine as he awaits Ser Harry, Boone, and Namor’s return. (to be continued)



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