The Saga of House Dresden

Paige's Journal, Entry 2

Castle Dresden

During the past hour a lot has happened. One minute I was being summoned to the royal chambers just to find out that we were expected to bend the knee to the new lord…when out of nowhere Boon decides that this is not going to happen. With tensions rising in the room I realize this is my queue to get out of there, my skill set is not in fighting. The miser and myself drag the wounded lord out of the room to protect him from further injuries and I thought my brawn companions were going to follow us down the hallway…. NOPE. They decided to stay and fight. As we walked down the stairs we were faced with two of Hammond’s Bee’s who at first tried to challenged us but we pleaded for them to take the lord to safety. They understood the disparity of the situation, grabbed him and went down the hall. Before I knew it there were five more guards coming around the corner towards us with drawn swords. Once again the miser convinced these guards after a few minutes that we were no immediate threat and I skipped on passed them down the hall waiving as I tell them “thanks guys!!” But before I was home free I heard Dresden guards from down the hallway yelling for Prince Harry. I instantly realize that this has blown our cover and we are about to be in major trouble. I hear screams from Boon from up the hallway I know he is badly injured. I hop back up the stairs to see Prince Harry surrounded and the good miser cowering in fear, barley knowing what to do. “I told you guys to run!!” I yell to the boys in frustration as I draw my bow and shoot. My arrow shatters on impact of the plate armor of the guardsman and he chuckles at me. Before I know it a huge guard darts down the hallway at me and pierces through my leather tunic with his sword taking me to my knees, I know my wound is serious. The next minute is a total blur and passed as if it were an hour. As soon as I come too I run back out the door, away from the guards. This was no fight for me.




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