"Big" Bill Bellman

Big Bill is a Ranger of the Night's Watch


Big Bill is tall, square jawed, and thickly muscled. His hair is cut short, and he is clean shaven. There is an empty pit in the socket where his left eye used to be. Despite missing his eye, Bill is handsome, and fancies himself a wooer of maidens. Big Bill carries a great maul / warhammer that he wields with two hands. His black cloak and furs have large plates painted black, and he ususally wears a heavy crossbow on his back.


Big Bill has always been one to love maidens. Bill made his living as a hedgeknight in the Stormlands. He is an admirer of House Baratheon, and the king himself. It was his grace which inspired Bill to master the warhammer, and like the king, Bill is deadly with it. Bill sold his services for coin all across the Stormlands, bedding ever maiden and wench he could get under the covers. It was the daughter of a local lord who finally refused Bill’s advances. Drunk, Bill forced himself upon the maiden, and found himself on the wall to save his cock. Big Bill loves a good fight, but he misses the fairer sex greatly. He talks openly and shamelessly of his sexual exploits, to the point of boasting. As well as his hammer, Bill is an excellent shot with a crossbow. He has also been known to kill wildlings with the crossbow in melee, after firing its bolt.

"Big" Bill Bellman

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