Brenn Codd

Brenn is a ranger of the Night's Watch.


Bren is of medium height and average build. He is swift in his movements, and walks with a certain grace. His blonde hair is cut short, and he is clean shaven. He wears only the lightest of leather, dyed black like all crows. Bren’s teeth are crooked, and although quiet, he will laugh and smile at any good humor. Bren carries a steel spear which appears short. He also favors a net, which he uses in conjunction with the spear. At his belt he wears a short sword.


Bren is Iron Born of House Codd, sworn to the Greyjoys. Bren was a reaver caught by Lannisters when he and his crew were caught in a raid of a village south of Casterly Rock. Bren took the black to save him from the dungeons of Lannisport. Bren is a swift fighter, and an excellent sailor. Bren is quiet and mild mannered. He is openly mocked by his peers, being called “Reaver” by all. If it bothers Bren greatly, he doesn’t show it.

Brenn Codd

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