Brian DeVance

Brian is the kenneler at Castle Black, and a member of the night's watch.


Brian is of medium height, slender, with long blonde hair and patches of facial hair. Despite smelling of the dogs he cares for, as well as carrying their fleas, Brian is quite handsome. Brian favors a short sword or dagger, always keeping a free hand for his dogs.


Brian is the son of a poor peasant family from Lannisport. Whether it is his home or his golden hair, his fellow crows call him the “Lion of Castle Black.” Brian has always dreamed of knights and service to the crown, but came to realize he would never become annointed due to his low station. Looking for purpose and the chance to make a difference, Brian took the black. Brian is quietly dependable, and loves his dogs as much as his comrades. His three dogs favored most by him are sherpherd / wolf mixes, that he has named “Tywin, Jamie, and Tyrion.”

Brian DeVance

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