Deke "D" David

Deke is a black brother of the Night's Watch.


Deke is a black brother of the Night’s Watch. He is of medium height, is thick, has short dark hair, and scruffy unshaven face which is always smiling. Deke favors a spear or halberd, and is quite proficient with either. He is also an excellent shot with a crossbow.


“D” as he has become known, is quietly jovial, and optimistic. Deke was the son of a guardsman serving House Garner is the Westerlands. Deke’s father was a drunken sadist, and was very hard on Deke, his mother, and his brother. Fearing for their lives, Deke killed his father as he slept. He then promptly turned himself over to the magistrate, expecting to be executed. When Deke was offered service on the wall, he was surprised, and thankful. D is well liked, funny, and a proficient ranger.

Deke "D" David

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