Deveau Easley

Deveau is a ranger in the Night's Watch, and brother to Lord Phillipe Easley


Deveau is of medium height and build. He has short red-brown hair that is clean. His beard is trim and well kept. Deveau is handsome with a bright smile. Deveau wears blacked chain mail under his cloak, and favors a longsword and round shield.


Deveau is the younger brother of Lord Phillipe Easley. Deveau, who grew up a commoner, followed his brother to the north when Phillipe was given his lordship from Eddard Stark. At that time, Deveau and Phillipe’s oldest sister, Clarice, had left home. Last they heard, Clarice had become a prostitute in King’s Landing. Deveau took to his new noble status with great zeal. He liked it so much that when a blacksmith complained to him about Deveau deflowering his daughter, Deveau took the blacksmith’s tongue. Phillipe himself passed judgement on Deveau, sending him to the wall. Initially resentful, Deveau has learned the value of life through hardship. He has proven a competent ranger, and has recovered some of his lost honor. Recently, Deveau had been a part of a patrol north of the wall. The patrol had been ambushed by wildlings, and Deveau made his way back to the wall, alone and the only survivor. Deveau’s word and location of the wildlings lead to a large group that were driven from the wall and scattered into the forest. His action has lead him to a certain acclaim among his black brothers.

Deveau Easley

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