Donlad Shamwood

Donlad is a ranger in the Night's Watch.


Donlad is of medium height with a plump, round, belly. His hair is dark and unkempt. His smile is crooked and yellow, and his breath smells accordingly. Donlad has long sideburns that come down into greasy chops, flanking both sides of his hideous grin.


Donlad hails from the north. He was a commoner from a remote village on Bear Island. Donlad laid with his sister, Karla, and made her pregnant. Karla was burned at the stake for blasphemy by Lady Maege Mormont. Donlad fled, but was captured. Upon his capture, he elected to take the black, rather than suffer his sister / lover’s fate. Donlad is crude, disgusting, and lazy, but he has for the most part proven to be fairly dependable.

Donlad Shamwood

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