Dustin Corbray

Dustin is a steward in the Night's Watch.


Dustin is very tall and slender. His dark hair is greasy and in curls. He keeps his face clean shaven. Dustin is always carrying a book of some sort, as well as his longsword. Dustin rarely smiles.


Dustin was of noble birth to House Corbray, loyal to the Eirie. Dustin has always been very intelligent, and won an appointment to the citidel. While there, his smug arrogance and elitist attitude got him kicked out before he could gain a single ring. Dishonored and unwelcome at home, Dustin took the black. Despite quietly brooding over his books, Dustin has a sarcastic wit to him, and can wield a sword skillfully. His wit has made him friends in the Night’s Watch, but he openly looks down on even those closest to him. He has a great distrust and animosity to Maesters in particular.

Dustin Corbray

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