Frostbite the Cruel

Wildling Lord


Frostbite, as he has come to be known, stands large and imposing. He stands well over six feet tall, and is thickly muscled. He wears furs adorned with the best metal plates scavenged from defeated crows. Frostbite prefers a great axe which he carries on his back. It has seen some years, but it is obviously of southern skilled manufacture. Strapped upon his belt are a short curved sword and a dagger with an ivory handle. Frostbite wears a great helm with the skull of a wolf strapped to the forehead. His full beard is shoddy and stained with a repulsive copper color. His beard is twined with braids and ties. From what little of his face you can see, Frostbite has piercing of bone, metal, and pins across his face. Hanging from the piercings, as well as the braids in his beard and hair are a number of grotesque trophies. Fingers, ears, tongues, and noses dangle and sway when he walks. Frostbite has two dark eyes that are empty pits. They hide beneath great bushy eyebrows. Despite the cold, a sour, salty smell accompanies him wherever he goes. His mouth is filled with yellow teeth filed to points.


Little is known of the Wildling Lord called Frostbite, even his the name. The name of Frostbite was bestowed upon him by the crows who man the wall.

Frostbite the Cruel

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