Hollan Dresden


Hollan is 14 years old, has the blonde hair of her mother, but she keeps it short. Her ruddy features are the Dresden in her, but she still has a grace and beauty to her. Her eyes are a deep blue and are bottomless, even more so after her drowning.


Hollan Dresden is the eldest daughter of Aaron Dresden and Iadne Hammond Dresden. Hollan, initially a sweet girl, has always leaned towards her mother’s side. Hollan does not mind the north, but identifies with the faith of the Iron Born, and worships the Drowned God. Recently, she was “drowned,” submerged in water to the point of drowning as a feat of faith. Since her drowning, Hollan has been born of iron. Her eyes are more blue, with a colder personaility to match. She has become distant of her northern relatives, especially her brother Jardin. This is very much out of the ordinary, in that Hollan has always been a protector or Jardin. Iadne came to regret her influences in faith when Hollan suddenly disappeared a mere days before Lord Harry Dresden, Lady Jayna Dresden, and Lord Phillipe Easley drove the Hammonds from Castle Dresden. Hollan’s current whereabouts are unknown.

Hollan Dresden

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