Jardin Dresden


Jardin is 12 years old. He is thick, has blue eyes, with unkempt blonde hair. He usually stares straight ahead, and often does not reply to conversation. When Jardin does speak, it is usually profound. Jardin has been found to have the greensight, and despite his non interaction with those around him, he has visions of the future. Jardin is wary of strangers, but is comfortable around his immediate family.


Jardin is the 12 year son of Iadne and Aaron Dresden. Since birth, Jardin has had the slow mind, and has been considered quite mad by the members of House Dresden. However, he has proven to have a great gift of the greensight, and his visions have been very profound. Jardin is the current Lord of Dresden since his father and grandfather’s death. It was the wish of Lord Leland Dresden that his grandson go to the wall and take the black. This was an act of love, not abandonment. Lord Leland knew that Jardin could not be Lord. Yet, Jardin’s services could prove monumental in the Night Watch Stewards. Lord Leland Dresden, a long friend of the Night’s Watch, contacted Maester Aemon and offered him Jardin’s services, which Maester Aemon eagerly accepted. Jardin would find his place in service, and after Aaron, the Lordship would pass to Jayna’s eldest son, Oswald Dresden, a boy of 7 and not a man grown. Lord Leland was pleased. Jardin’s mother, Iadne, needless to say, was not. She enlisted the help of her birth family, the Hammonds, to assasinate Lord Leland by poison. It has not been confirmed if she had anything to do with her husband’s mysterious death at the hand of “wildlings.” Jardin suffered a mysterious illness after the Hammond’s took Castle Dresden, which at least two Maesters have determined to be poison. After a long sleep, Jardin awoke from the poison, now accompanied by the mysterious Frost Bear which has suddenly appeared in the lands around Castle Dresden. Although Jardin now appears healthy, it is unknown if his assassin still lurks within the castle walls.

Jardin Dresden

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