Lady Iadne Hammond Dresden

Banished wife of the late Aeron Dresden


Iadne Hammond Dresden was stunningly beautiful. She has long blonde hair, with an almost taint of silver. She has piercing, narrow, cruel eyes of sky blue. Her skin is milky pale, lacking even the slightest blemish. For being Iron Born, she carries her slender figure with the grace and regal that fitting a queen. In her hair, she wears two ornate silver hairpins. To the right, a hairpin resembling the longboat sigil of House Hammond: to the left, the bear of House Dresden. She is never dressed in anything but the finest silks and dresses.

Iadne has since been judged. She was banished by Lady Jayna Amore Dresden. Her beauty taken from her by Walther Snow, when he used Stoic, the sacred blade of House Dresden, protector of Lord Leland himself,to remove her nose.


Iadne Hammond Dresden was intended to heal the breach between the north and the Iron Born. At the Battle of Pyke, House Dresden was all but destroyed. Lord Eddard Stark ordered Lord Leland Dresden to seal a peace by offering his son, Aeron, to marry a Hammond. At that time, young Piter was the new lord of House Hammond. Lord Piter agreed to marry his sister, Iadne, to Aeron. Iadne, though born of iron, lacked the salt that most reavers possess. She preferred the life at court opposed to one at sea. That being considered, her eyes were as cold and blue as the sea. If one were to gaze into them, they would find a cruelty matching even the most blood thirsty pirate. Aeron, a good man, did his duty and married Iadne. He was sadly naive to her dark heart.

Iadne and Aeron had a daughter, Hollan, followed by a son, Jardin. As Hollan grew to be a bright young maiden blessed with her mother’s beauty, Jardin was born a simpleton. Although Jardin lacked the simple awareness required to converse with his parents, Both Aeron and Iadne loved him dearly. This only served to greaten Aeron’s blindness to his Lady’s cruelty. Although Jardin had been cursed as mad, he was blessed with the greensight, having powerful and enigmatic visions of the future. It became apparent that Jardin was very special. Lord Leland Dresden, recognizing Jardin’s great gifts and his great handicaps, knew that his grandson could not be Lord of House Dresden. By Raven, he messaged Maester Aemon at the wall, and offered his grandson to serve as a steward in the Night’s Watch. This was an act of love, not banishment. Lord Leland, and Aeron as well, knew that there is honor in taking the black. Iadne did not see it that way. To her, Leland was banishing her child to the frozen waste of the north, condemning him to die alone on the wall. She would not stand idly by.

Iadne and her brother, Lord Piter Hammond, hatched a plot in which to assassinate Lord Leland, and later Lord Aeron. With Jardin as Lord of House Dresden, Iadne would be Lord regent, and control the house. The Hammonds would control both their assets and have a foothold in the north. Iadne

Lady Iadne Hammond Dresden

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