LeataLu Bearkin

LeataLu is the daughter of Morga Bearkin, and is a great warrior of the Ice Wives clan.


LeataLu is thickly muscled, but still retains her feminine curves. Her eyes are a deep brown, her hair black as coal. (Her name in the old tongue means “burned.”) Leatalu is in her mid twenties, but weather to her face from the snow reflected sun make her appear slightly older. Still, she is stunningly beautiful, in a rugged fashion. She wears her long black hair loose with a single braid on the left side which reaches almost to her waistline. Tied in the braid are frost bear claws and feathers. Her cheeks are adorned with two hashmarks of black cinder under each eye. All Ice Wives use soot under their eyes to help them see in the bright sun. She is adorned with boiled leather clothing, with sheep skin lining. LeataLu carries a wood hardened spear and a crude wooden shield. The hide stretched across the front of the shield depicts a painted white bear head roaring. Like all Ice Wives, LeataLu is never without her mount and companion, “Man.” She calls her Frost Bear man because she reasons it is the only companion worthy of her.


LeataLu Bearkin

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