Silent Tom

Silent Tom is a ranger of the Night's Watch


Silent Tom is very tall and well built. He is clean shaven and his dark hair is well groomed. He carries a greatsword which is well oiled and of great quality. Silent Tom wears improvised plate over chain mail. Silent Tom is stunningly handsome, but often wears a brooding expression. Silent Tom has deep blue eyes which house a steely, unflinching, gaze.


Little is known of Silent Tom, other than he lives up to his namesake. Tom says little, but when he does speak, it is short and to the point. Tom never smiles, and is very serious. He is very intelligent, and has a great talent for tactics. Tom is also apparently well educated, and skilled with his sword. Tom refuses to speak of his past or what brought him to the wall, and even the Old Bear claims not to know of Tom’s origins. Nonetheless, Tom is a competent and reliable ranger. If he has any loves or hates, he is likely to take them secretly to his grave.

Silent Tom

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