Walther "Boon" Snow


A Rugged and hardy individual, with the steadfast resolve that defines all Dresden’s past, present, and yet to come. A quiet man, he treads softly…but caries a big stick. Standing average height with sturdy build, he wears a northern garb of leather and fur, and modified bear hide armor: all of which are mostly greys. Over the armor he is clad with a black vest and white cloak, both of bear pelt. The white cloak denotes his station in house Dresden as a subordinate, and is fastened by a clasp in the form of the house sigil. About his waist he is gird with a sturdy belt made to hold the weight of his castle forged warhammers, and always present pouch of jerked beef. And with all the trouble in the land, he has not left home without his steel open faced helm in years.


Bastard born of the Lord of Dresden, he is a noble of the house by right and by deed. But he has always been close to those that serve. Honor, kindness, and love for his fellow man are virtues he lives by, and hence is generally well liked by those he encounters. Lovingly called “Boon” by his father as a child, the name stuck. He is called Boon as often as Walther by those close to him. Later in life he was dubbed “Boon of the Bear” by Eddard Stark himself. Although not well known, the nobles of the north are like to refer to him as such, as oft as the bastard of Dresden, or simply by name.

House Dresden being the most loyal banner house of Winterfell, Walther was sent to squire at the Trident when he was not yet a man grown. Years later he fought on the front lines at Pike during the Greyjoy rebellion. Castle Dresden in shambles, and the bloodline all but destroyed, Lord Dresden had a difficult decision to make. With wildlings at every door, and desperate need of fighting men to hold the line, still the future must needs be considered. Lord Dresden sent Walther to King’s Landing to a weapon’s master to learn his trade. An elite force is what the house will need to ensure it’s posterity. Training, food, and shelter were no longer given freely and he needed to make coin. It didn’t take long to find that the people of the south were not to be trusted and often needed escorts to travel, so he found employ as a freerider. Nine years later, training complete, it was time to go home.

Walther "Boon" Snow

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