Falcon's Cry

A hand-and-a-half or (more appropriately says Artys) bastard sword. Falcon’s Cry was crafted by a master smith in the Runestone and given to Urthane by Yohn Royce following his knighting. Lord Royce had grown fond of the young Arryn during his time as a squire and had this made as a gift. “A large sword for a large lad,” Yohn had laughingly said. The sword bears it’s maker’s mark on the base of the pommel.

Though easily half a foot longer of blade than a longsword Falcon’s Cry weighs just over 5 pounds. It’s balance favors the blade slightly. The sword draws it’s name from an unusual forging and folding process used in it’s creation. This process causes the sword to emit a high, clear ringing sound, similar to a tuning fork, whenever the sword is drawn or strikes another hard object. While not Valyrian steel, the blade is extremely durable and holds a wicked edge.

The hilt is inlaid with silver and bronze, with a large circular sapphire set in the pommel. Closer inspection will reveal that this sapphire has the Arryn falcon carved into each side. Ethed into the blade vertically below the hilt are the Arryn words: “As High As Honor” scripted in the runes of the First Men. The runes still find some use in Royce lands and Urthane had learned all the ones still commonly used while living there.

Urthane used this sword throughout Robert’s Rebellion, where it gained some notoriety for the distinct sound it makes, as well as the ferocity of its wielder.

When Artys left his name behind, he wrapped the decorative hilt of Falcon’s Cry in plain leather. However, the runes along the blade can still be seen and read. For this reason Artys draws his sword only immediately before he intends to use it. He will only sharpen the or otherwise maintain sword when alone, though he keeps it sharp enough to shave with. He calls the sword by the name Penance now.

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Falcon's Cry

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