House Dresden

“Rise From Ashes”

House Dresden is a banner house to house Stark.

Their sigil is a white frost bear on a field of black with two silver chevrons.

Its members include:

At Castle Dresden:
Lord Leland Dresden III
Lady Virgo Ausland Dresden

Ser Aeron Dresden
Lady Iadne Hammond Dresden
Hollan Dresden
Jardin Dresden

At Nera’s Hope Holdfast
Ser Roderick Dresden
Lady Jayna Amore Dresden
Oswald Dresden
Charles Dresden

At Castle Lightfast
Lady Margaret Dresden Easley

At Bannertown
Lord Mannthen Dresden
Lady Lillian Foster Dresden
Ser Robert Dresden
Ser Dwight Dresden
Mistian Dresden
Ser Carlton Dresden
Ser Harry Dresden

Aides and Sworn Swords
Ser Jackson Crowe
Collin Veran

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House Dresden

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