The great Bear has turned black. House Dresden has a proud line and a history of prosperity and favor from both King Robert Baratheon, first of his name, and Lord Stark. Tragedy has struck the northern house. After almost losing the entire line in the Greyjoy Rebellion, the lands of the Frost Bear were ravaged by wildlings. Now empty castles and keeps line the Dresden frontier, and the last line holds by a thread as the very future of House Dresden lies in peril. Only time will tell if the house motto, “Rise from Ashes” will ring true. The sigil of House Dresden is the Great frost Bear on a black field with two silver chevrons. The chevrons are decorations for the house’s actions in the Greyjoy Rebellion and at the Trident. With few heirs left, and a dwindling number of warriors, if Dresden is to survive, it must be by Raven and quill, as well as spear and sword.

The Saga of House Dresden

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