Ser Urthane Arryn (AKA Artys Stone)

"The Ladythief of the Vale."


Urthane is an imposing figure standing nearly six and a half feet tall. Fair hair and skin mark him of Andal lineage and his eyes are grey-green. For years he kept his facial hair long to mask his identity. Now clean shaven, he looks every bit an Arryn. Urthane is now in his early 40s. He speaks with a strong baritone voice, though he is seldom loud and never brash. His accent is still unmistakably of the Vale, even after a decade away from home.

Urthane does not wear the Arryn colors or finery, preferring unadorned clothing. He wears the same worn but well maintained ring mail as when he left the Vale. Across his back he still carries Falcon’s Cry, though the handle is now wrapped in plain leather, and he calls it by a different name.

Urthane does not use his real name in a public setting, preferring to go by an assumed name, “Artys Stone.” Artys was the first name of the first king of the Andals, and Stone is a name given to bastard children of the Vale. Only a handful of people know him truly, and most of those are not by choice. The infamy of the Ladythief has not waned much over the years.

Urthane is currently travelling with Ser Harry Dresden, Boon Snow, Maester Malcolm, the huntress Paige and her father. He has been offered permanent stay at House Dresden and has been requested to serve as their Captain of the Guard. He has not given his answer to this request.


The library at the Citadel has this record on Urthane Arryn:

“Urthane Arryn, born 256 AL. Fourth child and third son of Lord Jasper Arryn, sired of his second marriage. Both father and mother died shortly after his birth, and so his care was seen to by his eldest brother, Lord Jon Arryn.

Young Arryn squired for Lord Yohn Royce of the Runestone, and took his vows on his 15th nameday, in 271 AL at The Eyrie. He remained at the Arryn seat with his brothers for years after.

Urthane was discovered to have had adulterous relations with Lady Rowena Arryn, wife of Lord Arryn. Rowena perished under mysterious circumstances shortly after the discovery, apparently falling to her death from atop The Eyrie. Both Lord Arryn and Urthane were verifiably with others when this happened, and two servants state they personally saw Lady Arryn open the Moon Door and jump out. Unconfirmed rumors state Lady Arryn may have been with child.

Urthane was to be brought up on charges of treason, but war broke out unexpectedly and he instead served under his house banner. He earned several accolades, and is credited with a number of victories in single combat (ref ‘Statistics of Robert’s Rebellion, Appendix IV’). After the war’s conclusion, Urthane was pardoned by King Robert Baratheon, First of His Name, at the request of Lord Arryn.

Despite an official pardon, Urthane Arryn left the Vale in shame. His current whereabouts are unknown, though it is believed he may have taken an assumed name and sailed to one of the free cities.

Urthan Arryn is currently second in the line of succession to the titles ‘Lord of the Eyrie’ and ‘Defender of the Vale.’ He is preceded by his nephew, Robert Arryn. Due to many untimely deaths in the family, there is currently no clear line of succession after Urthane. Lord Jon Arryn has not currently named a tertiary successor. Petitions for succession claims would therefore need to be presented at King’s Landing, if the need arose."

Ser Urthane Arryn (AKA Artys Stone)

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